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Prayer Request: Need protection from Evil Neighbors Prayer Request: Need protection from Evil Neighbors

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Jacqueline Montgomery

Need protection from Evil Neighbors (Dec 16, 2020)

Prayer Request:
Hello ! I Jacqueline Montgomery writing For Prayer . My Daughter Tradawn Moved In A New Apartment And Her Downstairs Neighbors Keep Starting Trouble Due To Jealousy And Hate. This Young Girl And Young Guy Keep Lying And Telling Manager That My Is Slamming Doors . This Couple Been Starting Trouble And Banging Upstairs And Slamming Doors Playing In The Bathroom Turning Water Off And On While Taking Shower . They Both Are Terriotory Demons And Mad My Is Work 6 Days A Week With Her Own Apartment And Car . They Both Got Jealous And It's Running Them Crazy So They Give Evil Hateful Jealous Devilish Looks And Run And Light 2 Little Black Cats With A Candle Like A Ritual . We Are Christian And They Told There Nextdoor Neighbor Stop Speaking To My Daughter And Me . This Is Sad How People Really Hate Others Due To Jealousy. Thanks And God Bless 

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